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This Food Sensitivity Test includes a indepth look at 192 allergens plus a bonus yeast/candida screening.


PLEASE NOTE - Every lab we conduct includes a comprehensive consultation with a naturopath to review your results so you are able to gain a complete understanding of the findings. 


It is estimated that up to 12 million Americans have food allergies or food sensitivities. A food sensitivity is an inflammatory response of the immune system to a food trigger or allergen. Sometimes the symptoms are almost immediate and this makes cause and effect easily discernible. However, often there are no immediate symptoms. This type of food sensitivity is commonly known as a delayed food sensitivity. In a majority of cases, delayed food sensitivity reactions are insidious and chronic. It is only after months or years of continuous exposure that the wear and tear on the body from the chronic inflammatory response manifests itself in symptoms.


Consideration of food sensitivity testing is a critical component of any comprehensive approach to ill health or disease prevention. Sensitivity testing provides a quick and easy way for practitioners to discover potential causes of sensitivity reactions and sensitivity-related disease. When patients remove reactive foods, they report improvement in symptoms, elimination of long-standing health issues, and, in general, a more satisfying quality of life.


Food sensitivities can result in a wide range of symptoms, both physical and psycho/emotional. Typically, patients are unaware that the foods they are eating are contributing to their symptoms, especially if they are eating the offending food frequently. Testing is a good first option in anyone with significant symptoms that don’t have another easily identifiable cause. For many practitioners, food sensitivity testing is an essential part of a whole systems approach that begins with healing the gut.

Food Sensitivity & Yeast Test + 30 min Consult

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  • Laboratory testing is a useful tool that allows us to see a snapshot of your body’s health. By running in depth testing. We’re then able to determine a plan of action to best address the root cause, through our wholistic health model. Every lab we conduct includes a comprehensive consult with a naturopath to review your results so you are able to gain a complete understanding of the findings. 

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