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Image by Augustine Wong

My Story

I am a long-time health enthusiast and an organic foodie! I have been on this journey to see health restored in my family and families all across the earth for about 20 years now.  This journey led me to return to school to become a Doctor of Naturopathy in 2017.

My mission in life is to change how people view their health and reverse the major health crisis we are experiencing all across the globe today.

I believe this is achieved by focusing on reducing the toxic load on the body and enhancing the nutritional value absorbed, not just consumed, into the body. This is what I help my clients achieve and fully understand the how-tos.


I truly believe all dis-ease begins with a lack of nutrient absorption and an overload of toxicity in the body! 

Come along this journey with me, as I will not only educate you but empower you with the tools needed to take back your health and guide you as you embark on the journey of better health and cultivating Generational Family Wellness in your home!


Your children will thank you later. My children sure do.

My Philosophy

Your health is always an investment, not an expense to cast aside in life or to be ignored. It's a pay now or pay later trade-off, but unhealthy habits have this way of always catching up to you in the form of symptoms.

I believe if you choose to focus on implementing and mastering one healthy lifestyle change every month. By the end of the year, you will be healthier and feel better than you have in your entire life! 

The Major Holdback Is Just Beginning... Make The Change Today!

Just Make The Choice To Start & I'll Help You Along The Journey! :-)

Dr. Lauren 

The process isn't always easy, but it's worth it! The hardest part is overcoming the desires that have become habit-forming in your life. Once you realize what those habitual patterns are and make the conscious choice to no longer live with them. I can come alongside you and help guide you down the path of true health and recommend natural solutions that will transform your health! All the resources I provide will help you immensely in this area of your life!

One of my favorite past-times is taking old "unhealthy" family recipes that have been in my family for generations and "Healthify" them! Might I add, they taste so GOOD when I am done! I'll be sharing some of these recipes on my Healthy Cooking Show on YouTube. Check it out and Subscribe. 

Come along this journey with me to a healthier YOU and healthier ME! I am still walking along this journey too, learning and implementing new health discoveries in my life every single day. This will not only continue to impact my health, and your health, but the health of the generations that follow us! Let's Do This!


This is for YOU, for ME, & for US (Our Legacy)...


Connect with me weekly by signing up below and also subscribing to my YouTube Channel. This way you are able to stay updated on all my new healthy lifestyle tips & healthy recipes! 

The Process

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