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Do you find yourself continually stressed out?


Have you been experiencing bowel dysfunction or unexplained body pain and headaches?


If you are doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle but continue to experience symptoms like these, microorganisms that have become out of balance in your intestines could be to blame.


While a number of microorganisms are commonly found in our intestines, it is possible for them to fall out of their homeostatic limits. What’s more, we can acquire microorganisms that should never be present in our bodies. In either case, a GI tract out of balance can lead to a number of health issues.


This easy, at-home lab test measures microscopy, antigens, cultures, and occult blood in your gastrointestinal tract so you can take a deep dive into your health and uncover the true reasons you’re feeling unwell.


Collection Method: Stool Sample


*This test is only available in the U.S.



Stool: Sample must be collected on two separate days (at least 12 hours apart). The specimen must be received within 7 days of the first collection. The patient must discontinue digestive enzymes, antacids, iron supplements, vitamin C over 250 mg, aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and large amounts of meat 48 hours prior to the collection of the specimen.

Gut Zoomer Stool Test

SKU: 0013
  • Laboratory testing serves as a valuable tool, providing a snapshot of your body's overall health.

    With comprehensive testing, we can analyze and identify the underlying factors, enabling us to develop a tailored plan of action through our holistic health model to address the root cause effectively.

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