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 ❌ Attention: People Who Are Tired Of Feeling Like Crap,
Know Something's Off, Yet Told Your Bloodwork is "Normal".

In This 3-Day Workshop,

You’ll Also Discover:

➡️ If your body is fighting an infection or not. And if so, what does this look like?

➡️ The Gold Mine of answers found in your own labs (diagnosis or not) that tell you exactly what your body needs to be healthy.

➡️ How to “activate” your body’s innate healing process resolving unexplained symptoms and begin to experience good health and relief!!

Bring your blood work from your Primary Care Doctor...


 and let's uncover often overlooked information inside your normal blood panels, and ignite your body's healing power.

Dr. Lauren will use your "normal" bloodwork to pinpoint imbalances, expose trends, and pave the way for genuine answers.


You will leave this training with answers that will guide you toward a real, transformation in your health, and a fresh perspective on what "extraordinary health " can truly be and feel like!


Claim Your Spot Today!

P.S. Remember to bring your blood work it will be helpful to have it on hand!


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Congratulations, on taking the next step to discover the answers to better your health! Check your email for further instructions and to access our next workshop.

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