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The Missing Piece To Cultivating

Generational Family Wellness


Thursday, November 18, 2021, at 1 pm


Dr. Lauren has pursued a natural health lifestyle for about 20 years now. She has accumulated decades of knowledge, and practical steps that brought her to where she is today. This is the first time in history that she has combined all of this knowledge to present in a class setting to you.


To say she is EXCITED is an understatement! 

This will be by far one of the most eye-opening, soul-searching, mindset-shifting classes you have ever attended before in regards to health.

This ✨LIVE✨ masterclass is for anyone who:

✨Desires to build a strong foundation of healthy living for their children and family. 

✨Is a beginner and seeking guidance on how to start living a natural health lifestyle.

✨Finds it challenging to break old and unhealthy habits.

✨Wants to start living a healthy lifestyle, but has a limited budget.

Register today from this page if you feel drawn to attend this master class and learn from Dr. Lauren's decades of knowledge and expertise. 

✨FREE✨ Masterclass Registration

THRIVE is a FREE Masterclass inside Dr. Lauren's private wellness community on FB.

CLICK below to access the group. See you Inside!

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