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  • 4 Month Detox - Installment Plan

    Every month
    Monthly Payment Plan without the possibility of cancellation
    Valid for 4 months
    • Healthy Kids Bundle

      • First Foods for Baby
      • Feeding Your Toddler and Beyond
    • Healthy Winter + Preparedness Bundle

      • The Health Hub
      • Equipped
      • Cootie Busters - Winter Wellness Plan
    • Healthy Family + Lifestyle Bundle

      • The Health Hub
      • Eat To Live Simplified
      • Healthy Home Makeover
    • Heathy Eating Bundle

      • The Health Hub
      • Urban Gardening
      • Eat to live Simplified
    • 4 Month Detox -PIF

      PIF - Option
      Valid for 4 months
      • 4 Month Detox Program
    • Total Body Restoration Program - PIF

      Paid In Full Option
      Valid for 6 months
      • Total Body Restoration Program - Monthly

        Every month
        +$3,000 Initial Deposit
        Monthly Installments without the possibility of cancellation
        Valid for 6 months

        **Please Note DOD PLUS Membership and The Ultimate Health Transformation Programs have a 1-year commitment, without the possibility of cancellation. If a payment plan is canceled for any reason, the buyer is responsible for the total price of all labs, supplements, courses, programs, consults, and any services they partake in.**

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