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  • Can I participate in the program if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?
  • Can I still participate if I'm currently taking medication prescribed by my doctor?
  • Are the dietary recommendations flexible to accommodate different dietary preferences or restrictions?
  • How long does the program last, and what is the time commitment?
  • Will the supplements included in the program interact with any medications I'm currently taking?
  • How will I know if the program is working for me, and what should I do if I don't see the desired results?
  • What if I have a pre-existing medical condition or health concern? Can I still join the program?
  • Will I have access to the program materials after the 90-day period ends?
  • Is this program suitable for beginners with limited knowledge of holistic health practices?
  • Can I share the program resources or access with a family member or friend?
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  • Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the program or don't see improvements in my health?
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  • How will I stay motivated and accountable throughout the program?
  • How will the program address my specific health concerns, such as chronic fatigue or inflammation?
  • Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with the supplements or protocols recommended in the program?
  • Will I receive personalized support throughout the program?
  • What level of commitment is required from me to successfully complete the program and achieve optimal results?
  • What happens if I miss a group call or fall behind in the coursework?
  • How soon can I expect to see results from the program?
  • Are there any additional costs or purchases required to fully benefit from the program?
  • Can I reach out for additional support or clarification if I have questions or concerns during the program?
  • How much time will I need to commit to the membership?
    This is a coaching program, and time varies based on your health goals, and habits you already have in place. You'll have replay access to past & future trainings, access to LIVE Q&As, and strategic activation steps to help you stay on track with your health goals. Dr. Lauren strongly emphasizes the importance of integrating habits seamlessly into your daily routine. By incorporating these habits into your daily rhythms, you can experience profound and transformative changes. We recommend dedicating 2-3 hours per week for intentional planning and preparation initially. However, as you progress, you will notice these activities becoming part of your daily habits, requiring less time over time.
  • How is Doc on Demand "The Natural Way" different from scheduling appointments with my local naturopath?
    Doc on Demand "The Natural Way", membership offers continuous support for a full 12 months to help you uncover the underlying causes of your health concerns. This isn't just a one-time solution; it's a dedicated support system tailored for your long-term health success. Our team will work closely with you to pinpoint five key areas that are essential for your long term health. We will equip you with the necessary tools and expert guidance to ensure you thrive in your health journey over the long haul. As a member, you'll gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for natural health and long term legacy. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to delve deep into the personal application of natural health to apply it in your own life and home. But it doesn't stop there. We'll nurture a mindset that extends far beyond immediate health benefits; it's a legacy mindset that reaches across generations, ensuring enduring wellness for you and your family legacy.
  • What happens after I enroll?
    Once you enroll through our secure order form below, you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration, and begin your first steps as a member. You'll gain instant access to a private community of other members, be able to soak in all past trainings, and be invited to ALL future VIP days. You’ll also unlock your exclusive members only pricing, and an opportunity to schedule your first initial 1:1 consult with Dr. Lauren.
  • Will I need to purchase a separate membership for additional family members?
    Doc on Demand 'The Natural Way' membership, is crafted for individual use, tailored to the needs of a single person. To add immediate family members residing under the same roof to your membership, we offer exclusive pricing options; you can find more information in our pricing plans below . Should you desire to include additional family members in your membership plan, kindly reach out to us at for their enrollment.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Due to the unique nature of our program, we regret to inform you that we do not provide refunds or accept returns for Doc on Demand "The Natural Way" Membership purchases. Please be aware that by acquiring a Doc on Demand "The Natural Way" Membership, you voluntarily relinquish any entitlement to initiate chargebacks through your financial institution for all payments made. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to this policy.
  • How do I cancel my Doc on Demand "The Natural Way" Membership?
    Doc on Demand "The Natural Way" membership is a one-year commitment with a rolling renewal. This implies that you will be billed according to your initial agreement on a monthly or annual basis. Once the one-year commitment period has elapsed, if you wish to cancel your membership, simply send an email to and our team will promptly confirm the cancellation of your membership.
  • Will I receive 1:1 support?
    Dr. Lauren is dedicated to supporting you right from the moment you enroll. Here's how it works for you: DOD BASIC: As a BASIC member, you will receive one initial health consultation + you can schedule 1:1 appointments with Dr. Lauren throughout your membership and a monthly Group VIP call where you can ask your personal health questions directly to Dr. Lauren. DOD PLUS: As a PLUS member, you will receive one initial health consultation + you can schedule 1:1 appointments with Dr. Lauren throughout your membership with your 25% discount and a monthly 1 on 1 VIP call where you can ask your personal health questions directly to Dr. Lauren. DOD ELITE: As an ELITE member, you'll receive one initial health consultation + one quarterly 1:1 appointments with Dr. Lauren Additionally, you'll receive weekly support to ensure you're making continuous progress in your health plan. In addition, you'll also have an exclusive 50% discount on any additional 1:1 appointments you might need throughout your membership. This membership is designed to meet ALL of your personalized and unique needs.
  • 60 Min 1:1 Health Consultation
    'Doc On Demand: The Natural Way,' is your ultimate portal to outstanding "HEALTH"care and wellness. Your membership grants you access to a host of exclusive benefits, including personalized 1-on-1 health consultations with a highly skilled naturopath, functionally trained in the field of natural medicine. These appointments are golden opportunities to: 1. Establish and fine-tune your health objectives. 2. Craft bespoke plans designed to bolster your goals. 3. Enjoy Dr. Lauren's undivided attention, addressing your specific queries. 4. Access expert guidance for sustained health and wellness. ELITE member, your membership offers an array of exclusive benefits, including a personal 1-on-1 health consultation with Dr. Lauren to kickstart your journey, as well as quarterly appointments thoughtfully integrated into your membership. PLUS members, your membership includes an initial 1-on-1 health consultation with Dr. Lauren, followed by the added perk of exclusive pricing – all additional appointments are available at a 25% discount. BASIC members, your membership includes an initial 1-on-1 health consultation with Dr. Lauren and the unique feature, found nowhere else outside of Doc On Demand: access to additional appointments. Should you have any questions or wish to extend your membership to include family members, enabling them to schedule appointments with Dr. Lauren, our dedicated team is here to assist. Reach out to us at, and let's embark together on this journey of WHOLE health and wellness.
  • All Access Course Pass
    When you become a member of Doc On Demand "The Natural Way," regardless of your membership tier, you'll enjoy exclusive access to all past and future courses Dr. Lauren offers throughout your membership (check out our course offerings). All courses are designed to nurture your health-conscious mindset and provide you with a robust foundation for achieving optimal health, naturally. However, please keep in mind that this access does not extend to collaborative courses. AND Additionally, our Total Body Restoration Program is a separate transformation program and requires an additional fee for PLUS ($8,000) & BASIC ($10,000) members.
  • Continuous Health Support
    If you're a member of Doc On Demand "The Natural Way," you'll receive Dr. Lauren's exclusive health tracker. This tool helps you monitor your health progress during the week, and you will submit this to Dr. Lauren for support and guidance weekly. ELITE members receive weekly individual support sessions, facilitating rapid results and in-depth insights into your personal health inquiries. BASIC and PLUS members can also submit trackers monthly during your monthly VIP Calls. Through this process, you'll develop important health habits and refine your health practices based on Dr. Lauren's guidance.
  • Natural Solutions Protocol + Resource Library
    Tap into over 20 + years of Dr. Lauren's unparalleled expertise and extensive knowledge in natural health. This is your unwavering companion in the wee hours of the night when you seek effective, natural solutions. The Natural Solutions Protocol + Resource Library, is a treasure trove of wisdom and insights curated to empower you on your journey to natural health. Immerse yourself in a wealth of proven natural solutions and recommendations that truly work, right at your fingertips. Our library is a living, dynamic resource that evolves as you engage with it – new protocols and recommendations are added in response to your requests as a Doc on Demand "The Natural Way" Member.
  • Monthly VIP Q&A Calls
    ELITE Membership: As an ELITE member, you'll receive an exclusive monthly 1-on-1 call with Dr. Lauren on VIP day. This day marks the pinnacle of your month, providing a dedicated opportunity to ask Dr. Lauren any pressing natural health questions on your journey toward holistic health. Moreover, ELITE members receive weekly support sessions, facilitating rapid results and in-depth insights into your personal health inquiries. PLUS Membership: As a PLUS member, you'll receive an exclusive monthly 1-on-1 call with Dr. Lauren on VIP day, making it the standout highlight of your month. This personalized session allows you to delve into the health topics that matter most on your path to overall health and wellness. BASIC Membership: As a BASIC member, you'll have access to our monthly Group VIP Call with our Wellness Team. Here, your individual questions are addressed within a supportive group setting, ensuring you receive valuable guidance and answers to your health questions.
  • Access to Exclusive Pricing on Supplements, Appointments and Total Body Restoration Program
    Members receive exclusive pricing on the following: Exclusive Pricing + Savings on Supplements - Doc on Demand BASIC 5% - Doc on Demand PLUS 15% - Doc on Demand ELITE 25% Exclusive Pricing + Savings 1:1 Appointments with Dr. Lauren - Doc on Demand BASIC 0% - Doc on Demand PLUS 25% - Doc on Demand ELITE 50% Exclusive Pricing + Savings on Total Body Restoration Program - Doc on Demand BASIC 0% - Doc on Demand PLUS 20% - Doc on Demand ELITE (INCLUDED) at no additional charge
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